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Who We Are

Khadi has been around for thousands of years & is a truly magical fabric. Every thread is hand-spun on a charkha & hand-woven on handlooms. This technique of spinning & weaving thread creates air pockets which are unique to Khadi and air is an insulator. This means that your khadi clothes will keep you cool on warm days and warm on cold ones. Air also arrests the development of odour causing anaerobic bacteria, protecting your body from infections & resulting funky smells! We fell in love with Khadi and decided to create modern classics using this wonderful ancient fabric. We don’t mass produce anything, so revel in your uniqueness while you enjoy the comfort of Khadi on your skin.
You won’t ever want to wear anything else!

The Finest Fabric

9 Key Khadi Of Benefits

Khadi has many benefits. Here are a few!


      Anti- Cold


      100% Handmade

      Detoxifies the Body

      Supremely Comfortable

      Slow, Sustainable, Fashion

      Unique, Not Mass Produced

      Generates Clean Employment


Behind the scenes

Look of the week

The Reversible Shrug & Tube Dress


Mosaic Denim Janus

Mosaic Denim Janus

2,940.00 2,300.00

Vibrant, colourful, crazy patchwork on one side and ice blue...



4,940.00 3,900.00

This gorgeous, yellow, pure cotton Khadi, bagh print dress is...

What could be more comfortable than wearing Khadi you ask?


Wearing more Khadi!


Pair this adorable reversible jacket with denim on one side & mosaic patchwork on the other, with the marigold, a tube dress with an elasticized top, ending flatteringly on the narrowest part of your waist.


The uneven hemline adds a touch of whimsey and will leave you feeling beautiful while you marvel at just how comfortable you are!


You are quite literally (And we do mean literally) wearing clothes made of temperature controlled fabric!


Go on, you can’t help having a nice day!

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